Carving and printing workshops

The Community Room has been converted into a studio space, all set up and ready for two more workshop days with Ian. Work benches, boards, hammers, chisels and an area for printing, were all ready for a busy day discovering how Ian uses his tools to create an artwork.

First, the designs were transferred to wood, by using carbon paper. Many of us had never used carbon paper before, so we soon discovered it is a brilliant tool to transfer your drawing on to the wood.

Then Ian taught us how to hold the chisel properly and the techniques we needed to carve the wood. We had to be very careful, especially when our designs were detailed and intricate. 


The carving was hard work and made our hands ache. It was sometimes difficult to understand how the printing would work and where we needed to carve.

The next part was to load up the rollers with printing ink and ink-up our boards.

At the end of the day, we all had created a wood block and printed an image from it. We are going to display then at the Parents Open Evening.