Artist-led design sessions

The Year 5 pupils had a fantastic two days, working with Ian to develop designs for the final artwork. Images included drawings of key figures from the research and case studies such as the Humphrey brothers, the Headmaster John Harper  and Elizabeth Twyman who was a nurse working for the Red Cross at St Martins.

A group of children sketched the façade of the school building – with some exceptional results.

One child said: I’ve walked past the school everyday for six years and never really looked at it before. There is so much detail in the architecture!

The children were very interested in the nurses who worked for the Red Cross at St Martins. Below is an image of the nurse Elizabeth Twyman.

Ian will have a hard job selecting images from so many brilliant designs!



Artist selected



Today the Year 5 pupils interviewed four artists for the Home Coming artwork commission. The year group had selected questions for each artist to find out how they would work and what they might create.

The four pupils  on the interview panel did an amazing job. All the artists were very impressed with the pupils.

At the end of the day, the pupils reported back to the rest of the year to make the final selection. We are delighted to announce that the sculptor Ian Etheridge has been commissioned to make our Home Coming artwork .

Ian works in wood, carving and constructing using traditional hand tools. He will work with us to develop the design for a relief panel. This will be on permanent display in the school hall.

Below are images of Ian’s studio, his workbench and the tools he uses.