Project Themes

The following themes have emerged during the project:

Life at home – the social conditions in Colchester after the First World War, including housing, family life and rationing. Pupils worked with primary sources such as newspaper articles, photographs, ration cards, menus, film footage of the bombing at Butt Road.

Teachers and people – women working, factories, Headmaster John Harper, Headmaster Captain Twyman, former pupils and teachers on war work including Mr Mirrington and Mr Chisnell.

Hospitals and injury – support for wounded, injured and sick soldiers from across the armed forces undergoing recovery. As well as case studies of men who came home during the war injured or discharged soldiers who returned to civilian life and were awarded the silver war badge.  Case study of Alice Twyman who served in the Red Cross at St Martin’s House.  

This has included researching the Lord Roberts Memorial Workshop, supporting the rehabilitation of wounded soldiers and sailors.

Rehabilitation and employment – Lord Roberts Memorial Workshop, in Magdalen Street, Colchester, for injured soldiers and sailors. Injured soldiers were taught new skills, such as basket making and toy making.

End of the war  – what was life like after the war and what happened, including peace celebrations and Colchester War Memorial. Not all returned home straightaway, some soldiers worked on the clear up process of the battlefields. Case studies are being developed of both the Newell and Humphreys families in the aftermath of war.