Lawson and Bert Humphreys

The Humphreys brothers. Charles at back, Bert on left, Lawson on right.
Courtesy Joan Free

The Humphreys brothers Lawson and Bert attended North School, but it’s not clear if their younger brother Charles did.  The family lived on St Paul’s Road and then moved to Winchester Road.  Both Lawson and Bert served with the Rifle Brigade.  Lawson was hit by a bullet that went very close to his windpipe, and Bert’s sister recalled that he was badly affected by his experience of laying between English and German lines and from his shrapnel wounds.

After the war Lawson married in 1929 and became a mental nurse living in Brentwood.  Bert married in 1931 and also worked in mental health, this time at the County Mental Hospital, also known as the Severalls Hospital.