Courtesy of Colchester Museums

Teachers were not exempt from military service.  The Headmaster John Harper records in the School Log Book when some of the staff left for the army and when they returned.  School life was also effected by the war as remaining teachers had to take on civic tasks and the area was subject to air raids.

Several teaching staff left North School to join the forces, and others who served joined the school after the war.  We used case studies of Mr Mirrington, Mr Andrews, Mr Ashby, Mr Martin, Captain Twyman and Edwin Chisnell to think about the impact the war had on North School teachers.

John Harper mentions some of the impact on school life, for example: 30 January 1918 the school was closed for rationing work, and again from 4 -8 February1918 school closed for rationing work. (Rationing work meant handwriting 45,000 ration cards, delivered to 10,000 households by Boy Scouts).

Teachers on war work in Moot Hall
Courtesy Andrew Phillips

After the war, former pupils remember lectures and films about the League of Nations.  Hector Free remembered singing the anthems of the Allies, including the Marseillaise in French each Friday afternoon.

Case studies
Arthur Andrews
Lewis Ashby
Edwin Chisnell
Mr Martin
Thomas Mirrington
Captain Twyman