Captain Frederick Twyman

Photo Captain Twyman, right Courtesy North Primary School

Captain Frederick Twyman joined North Primary School as Headmaster in 1922, after the war, when John Harper retired.  He remained Headmaster until his retirement in 1932 which was shortly before his death in 1934. He was a Staff Sergeant Major and Quartermaster in the Essex Yeomanry serving in France during the war and received the Territorial medal which was awarded to members of the British Territorial Force and Territorial Force Nursing Services who served overseas on or before 30 September 1914. 

His wife Alice was also a school teacher before the war.  During the war she became a Red Cross nurse 1914 – 1918. 

The Twyman family – Frederick, Alice and their children Alfred and Alice – lived at 55 Roman Road.  Alice Twyman continued in her parents’ footsteps, becoming a teacher at the Gilberd School when it was located on North Hill.