Edwin Chisnell

Hamilton Road School staff 1921
Edwin Chisnell standing on far right, back row From Boycott.com

Edwin Chisnell joined North School after Captain Twyman’s retirement in 1932.  He had worked at St John’s Green and Hamilton Road Schools before this. 

During the war he served with the Tyne Electrical Engineers from November 1915, remaining in England for the duration.  He was injured in 1916 and by August 1917 his medical condition resulted in him being placed on reserve.

Former pupils remember his interest in history and Sheila Chadwick remembers, in the late 1930s, setting off on her bike to find the local places they had learnt about in his classes.  In 1933 he was required to give a lesson in the safe and correct way to cross the new Colchester by-pass (Avenue of Remembrance), after several road accidents in which North School children had been injured or killed on the local roads.

Mr Chisnell died in 1954.