North Walk

North Walk

The North Walk starts near North Primary School and visits each Poppy Plaque location and former pupil’s home north of the river Colne.

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North Walk length and bus travel

Overall length of walk is 3.3 km (2 miles). The last part along Bergholt Road is quite far so you may want to take a bus for this bit.

Buses (66/66B) run every half hour from Colchester Town and North Station along West Bergholt Road to Braiswick.
Bus route & timetable details
or download timetable pages: M-F | Sat | Sun
Bus route details are correct as of November/December 2018 but please check online in New Year for updates.

Road Crossings

There are some major road crossings on this walk particularly the big roundabout on Cowdray Avenue and the traffic system on the way to North Station between North Station Road, Clarendon Way and Turner Road. You can’t cross Clarendon Way on the West side so you will need to cross North Station Road and work your way round anticlockwise. Please make sure to use the proper crossings especially when the traffic is busy.